Bluegrass guitar or mandolin teacher in NYC?
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I'm looking for a bluegrass mandolin and/or guitar teacher in new york city - specifically someone near Columbia University or on the upper west side (or who would travel there for lessons). Have tried finding one on craig's list and looked at flyers at music stores. Any suggestions on how to find such a teacher, or knowledge of such a person?
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I would call Mandolin Bros and ask them to suggest to someone. They're in Brooklyn but no doubt they will know all the best pickers in the city, including those who do lessons.
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You could also check out the boards at the Mandolin Cafe and see what they have to say.

I know this is far for you, but Frank Wakefield (as far as I'm concerned, the best bluegrass Mandolin player) is giving a workshop in Baltimore this weekend. I was thinking of going even though I don't play just to hear him teach.
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You might have luck getting in touch with Matt Munisteri, a brilliant New York multi-instrumentalist in a jazz/bluegrass vein. No idea if he gives lessons personally, but he travels in the correct circles and could doubtless make a good recommendation.
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Mandolin Brothers moved from Staten Island?

I remember when I lived in Williamsburg a couple of years ago the posting boards outside the cafes were littered with people offering mandolin lessons maybe you can check there or post your request.

If you're a fan of Chris Thile from Nickel Creek he has an instructional video/dvd where he gives step by step instruction to learn a couple of his songs. It's cool just to watch. Also go see him live if you ever get the chance, it will give you months of motivation to pick up this trickly little instrument.
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Mandolin Brothers moved from Staten Island?

No wise guy, I just got mixed up. Thanks for embarrassing me in front of all my cool friends!
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Oh, man. David Kincaid doesn't, as far as I know, have an official website. But he plays some absolutely gorgeous mandolin. I've only heard him do styles that are not bluegrass, but apparently he also does bluegrass and I can't imagine him being less than great at anything mandolin-related.

I believe he lives in the Village, and you'd have to go to him -- but he's worth it. He's incredibly talented. I don't know how experienced you are, but I doubt he'd take on a beginner; still, he should be able to refer you to someone else. In any case, he can get you in touch with whatever circle/group there is in the city, which should give you all the connections you need.

I don't have his contact info, but I can get you in touch with someone who would. My e-mail's in my profile if you're interested.

You said guitar or mandolin -- are you open to other stringed instruments? How about banjo?
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I'm around beginner/intermediate in both - have basic technique down, and am mostly looking for someone to structure my noodling by giving tips on technique and providing exercises and in-person feedback.

great feedback so far - thanks...
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Columbia University has a bluegrass ensemble, Lion in the Grass. I would check with them for suggestions.
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Matt Smith
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