Adding pet to train reservation
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I booked a train ticket for Renfe (Spain) via the Omio app. However for the life of me I can not figure out how to add my cat to the journey. Any ideas?

Does anyone know how to do this directly with the train service online, or is this something I can do at a Spanish station? Travel is from Madrid to Malaga in December, I have a basic ticket. I know I need to pay €10 I just don't know how!
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I don't think you can add it on the Renfe website as a stand-alone - you're supposed to purchase the ticket for the pet when you buy your own ticket, as an add-on on the pre-comfirmation page, since pets can't travel without a linked passenger ticket - but you should be able to go to the train station ticket window and add the pet then. You could also potentially contact Renfe in advance - even on social media - and see if there is another way to do it.
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Not sure about the cat ticket aspect, but however you end up addressing this, I'd recommend not annulling your current ticket until you've got another one safely in hand - apparently the recent train subsidies for Spanish residents and pent-up demand for travel are leading to Renfe trains selling out earlier and more often than normal.
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