San Juan, PR travel advice, post-Fiona, mid-COVID
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I will be travelling to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the first time for a week in mid-October. I'd appreciate advice about side trips, food, and sites in San Juan.

I will have limited time owing to the conference (at the Caribe Hilton) I'm supposed to be attending, but would love to see a little bit of San Juan and Old San Juan, possibly visit El Yunque, and spend some time on the beach. What parts of San Juan should I prioritize exploring? (I've been thinking I'll want to see the Castillo San Cristóbal and El Morro.) Also, it seems El Yunque will be at least partially open by then. (?) I'd love to go, but we will not have a car. I'm considering joining a tour group, but wonder what the experience will be like. If there's any group you would recommend or dis-recommend, I would love to know that. Additionally, could you recommend food options in San Juan that are at least a little vegetarian-friendly, preferably with outdoor seating? Thanks!
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As I remember walking around... some years ago... you could probably walk down to El Morro, Old San Juan, etc, but if you aren't an enterprising and perhaps even slightly intimidating walker you might want to catch a taxi to one site and walk from there.
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I've been to San Juan 3 times in recent years, and wrote many words about the trips.
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Well, I'll be at the same conference and am also interested in El Yunque if you want to join forces on that!
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Response by poster: Gingerbeer: Me-mailed you!
COD and wotsac: Thanks!
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