Dog Treat Belt Pouch
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Any recs for a dog treat pouch? Ideally something that could double as a small pouch for nails, screwdrivers etc. I'd prefer non-tactical and without a visible logo but don't worry too much about that.
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We use Doggone Rapid Rewards after we saw our trainer using it. It has a magnetic closure and can fit an emptied Talenti gelato container, which we fill with hot dogs / cheese treats and keep in the fridge when not in use. Previously had this one, but the magnetic closure, size, and belt mean the larger one is better.
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+1 quadrilaterals rec of doggone. And thanks for the suggestion to use it for screws and such for house projects. Hadn’t thought of that!
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We had an old climbing chalk bag that we repurposed for this. It had a logo patch, but long since fell off. I'd probably lump chalk bags into the 'more aesthetic than dog stuff' category, but YMMV.

But oh man, a quick search for aesthetics turned up this gem. Technically meets your criteria.
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Really liked this Ruffwear treat pouch since it conforms to my body a little better than most bags (it also stays open when I want it to, and closes relatively securely).

Notes on other options:
I also tried the Wildebeest one, which has more color choices and can fit a small phone but I got frustrated when my phone would sometimes fall out of the front pocket when I bent over (I have a short dog, so if you have a larger dog, this may not be as much of an issue). It also doesn't stay open when we're doing more extended training sessions.
A few of our trainers used this treat bag, which seems pretty robust for most purposes.
Ended up needing a larger bag anyway to handle a Stasher bag with fresh treats from the fridge, and went full-on hip pack from Ruffwear and haven't really looked for another bag since (but I'm guessing this might be a little large for your needs? it's pretty perfect though specialized for our walks).
Also, a little off the normal dog-pouch recommendations, maybe you have a coat or jacket like this one that has several deep pockets? Or perhaps an apron? I bought the one above to hold treats and other various bits and bobs throughout the day, which mostly works in the fall or winter.
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I tried a bunch of different fabric ones but ended up with these silicone ones. They can be used one handed and are really easy to clean (washing the fabric ones grossed me out) and have a belt clip instead of a waist strap. Would be great for screws etc.
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I've been using this random one from Amazon for a few years and really like it - good size, multiple pockets and a drawstring for the main one, plus poop bag dispenser. I like having multiple pockets so I can also bring a small toy/tug and a larger treat stick for different scenarios (reactive dog so I need to be prepared). I've used it at least twice a day and have run it through the washer a few times and it still doesn't have any real signs of wear, which surprised me (the previous pouch developed holes in about 6 months).
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My wife and I each have a mini Petsafe Treat Pouch. I put an extra poop bag in the small, outer pocket, and daily treats in the big pouch. It has a strong belt clip and optional belt loops. It has springs to hold it open or closed. We tried a lot before these!
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