Looking to replace Sennheiser MB660
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I am looking for a replacement over-the-ear bluetooth headset that will work with Microsoft Teams and my Android Phone. I have a Sennheiser MB660 but it's having a lot of issues. More details inside

I have been using a Sennheiser MB660 Bluetooth headset for a few years, and have noticed the past year or so the power function has become super sensitive. The ear cups rotate to turn the power off and on, and lately it'll turn off while I'm wearing them with just a gentle head move - yawning, chewing, tilting my head slightly - the headset turns off and requires me to fidget with the position of the ear cups until it turns on. I can't walk around with my phone as moving my body causes it to turn off. It's cut off on me in the middle of critical calls and have had me scrambling to turn it back on.

I need around-the-ear cans, compatible with Microsoft Teams and Windows 10/11 (via a bluetooth dongle is fine) as well as with my android mobile phone. Should have both sound and integrated mic. Noise reduction is nice but not critical.

The MB660s came well recommended, but I'd prefer now to hear from people with direct experience with other headphones as opposed to trusting online reviews.
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I had nearly your same requirements on a question a while ago and someone recommended to me the HyperX Cloud Flight S (https://www.amazon.com/HyperX-Cloud-Flight-Detachable-Microphone/dp/B082R1GMV2), which i've been using since March and am happy with. The only caveat is that they do use a dongle and RF, rather than bluetooth, so not sure they will work with your phone - I've never tried to hookup to my phone (and it's an iPhone anyway).
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Best answer: I have a set of Sony WH-1000XM2 (current version is WH-1000XM5). I have many headphones - including studio monitors, IEMs and other closed back. Most of what the wire cutter has recommend over the years has ended up in service of the kids. I use the Sony's everyday for teams meetings - first the bad: the mic is a bit meh. All bluetooth mics are that. Switching bluetooth sources isn't always brilliant, but it just takes a moment to get it reconnected if it both devices are in range.

They are also my primary set for walking the dog with my phone. I can't believe how well they have held up - battery still lasts, sound great. The noise reduction is life altering for me. I like them so much I strongly considered getting a second set recently. As a splurge for myself. The previous generation, 1000XM4, is still widely available new for a decent price, and refurbs of the 1000XM3 show up, or can be done cheaply as replacement pads and kit are available. I wouldn't go older than the 3 - as that one features usb c.
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Seconding the Sonys; I have a pair of Sony WH-1000XM4s and they are pretty great. Bought another one (upgrading from an XM3) because I loaned them to my wife when she broke her cheap headset and she didn’t want to give them back.

We often use them wired with a boom mic which works great and avoids the meh mic problem when using a computer (or my iPad).

Accuracy isn’t great, they’re a bit bass heavy, so I usually use some EQ. It’s a fairly easy fix in the companion app if you care. They clean up nicely.
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I believe that Sennheiser has a 24 month warranty. May want to check your purchase records.

I tend to buy things on the cheaper side, and I've had good luck with Avantree Bluetooth headsets. I haven't tried this particular model but I've had good experience with their cheapest models. This one comes with a stand / charging dock, detachable mic, and all the fancy protocols like Aptx low latency, ANC, and more, at less than half price of that Sennheiser.
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I have Sennheiser HD 450BTs. They certainly work fine, but I find the controls to be annoyingly small. And the little voice that says "on" or "off" does so in a way that makes the two indistinguishable.
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Response by poster: Think I'll go with the Sony WH-1000XM5
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I splurged for a refurbished WH-1000XM5.

The biggest difference is that they are just more comfortable, lighter and less head squeezy. And now that I’m not so worried about breaking the old ones are getting regular use out and about.
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