Searching for a Letterman show wherein Tom Hanks rants about musicals
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I'm pretty sure this was from the CBS years, but I suppose it could be Late Night. In my memory it's the Late Show set. Tom Hanks is a guest, and he goes off on a rant about how much he hates musicals.

One that comes in for special ire is "Starlight Express", which Tom claims has a song about "it's so hard to be a train on a traintrack" ending with Hanks yelling "NO IT ISN"T, DAVE, THERE"S NOTHING EASIER THAN BEING A TRAIN ON A TRAINTRACK" or something close to that.

This has become a common phrase in our household [when the kids would complain about doing some simple thing, we'd sing "it's so hard to be a train on a traintrack"], but no one has seen it but me.

Does anyone have a lead?
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Best answer: "Tom Hanks was once on David Letterman's show declaring that he doesn't like musicals because it's so silly the way the characters break into song." - Scott Miller's Rebels with Applause: Broadway's Groundbreaking Musicals (2001). Letterman was at CBS by August 1993 so you're looking for this particular Hanks bit in one of 8, at most 9, appearances.
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Best answer: Letterman's production company has found its latest form as a Youtube channel and has been uploading many, many old clips. There's even a playlist of "Fan Requests", which suggests they're taking people's requests for certain segments and uploading those. I do not know where one goes to make the requests, but maybe in the comments of their latest uploads?

As far as I can tell, there is no Hanks on Letterman in 2001 clip on Youtube as of this writing.
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