Blog post about a roommate(?) who hid ET figurine around the house
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Several years ago, I don't think more than 5 or 6, I read a funny blog post about someone whose roommate/relative had a figurine of ET in a wig and dress and who would put it around the house, even though the poster hated it and repeatedly threw it away. ET would be dragged out of the trash and left somewhere random to surprise the poster...

It was hilarious and I sent it to my sister and we both laughed over it a bunch, and now we randomly send each other a photo from the blog of the ET figurine upside down in a blender to cheer each other up.

Problem is, neither of us remember where the heck this original post was or who wrote it! Does anyone remember this or have an idea?

Photo in question
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Looks like it was discussed in this Captain Awkward post, with the rest of the story in a (non-paywalled) Patreon post.
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Response by poster: Amazing! OMG thank you! Can't wait to share it with my sister.
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