Source to ID a crochet pattern?
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Is there a place one could submit a pic of a crochet stitch/pattern and have someone ID it?

The missus has crocheted on-and-off most of her life. A few years ago, she began a baby blanket, using a pattern (stitch?) she printed-off from the web. For reasons, she had to stop working on it.

Fast forward to today, and she started working on the blanket again. However, she has misplaced the print-out and is trying to fly blind, by reverse-engineering the stitch by eye. She’s gotten close. The new rows look pretty identical to the sections she did years ago, except the spacing between the new rows are wider than the original rows. This is driving her up a wall.

Is there some crochet forum/blog/site where she could post a pic of the original sections of the blanket and, hopefully, get it identified by someone?

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Some options are:
1. Here! Crocheters on MetaFilter may recognize the stitch.
2. Reddit - this is the main crochet subreddit
3. - specifically, the crochet group there.
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This is exactly the kind of thing people on Ravelry forums are good at! She will need an account to post, but it’s free to register if she doesn’t have one already.

I recommend starting in the Techniques forum. It’s pretty active.

On preview: I think cp311’s suggestion for the more specific Ravelry Crochet group is probably going to get her a faster result.
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Could it be a matter of tension? Or gauge?
(The way to workshop it would be to knit a swatch with one repeat using a smaller hook - but the same yarn.)
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