Best Costume for an all Black Standard Poodle
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My velvety black poodle is a ninja who disappears when I walk her off leash at night. She's @ 50lbs, not really big but def. standard size. I did get her a black Bad To The Bone tshirt because it's true, and will keep her topknot long enough for a mohawk, potentially with glitter/ glow-in-the dark gel. But it would be fun to do something that presents a little more of an effect. A black motorcycle-type jacket won't show up. Dog owners in my neighborhood are doing a costumed pet walk.

I am open to making something, just not anything super-elaborate.
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not sure if they have other colors of motorcycle jackets, but maybe if you did use a black jacket so you could affix studs/chains/spikes/patches to it or paint it (maybe stripes or other detailing or... hear me out, dazzle camouflage?)? Basically make it really pop off as a canvas. I feel like a giant back patch on a motorcycle jacket that's on theme could be really fun.
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Build her a scythe?.

Standard Poodles are the best! We have a new almost all black 5 month old.
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A denim doggie vest would show up better than the black jacket.

You could do 80s neon and do an aerobics outfit, complete with scrunchie.
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Omg yes 80s poodle is the best idea.
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An acid wash denim vest with patches and/or custom painting seems the obvious answer here.
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An extra four legs and some googly eyes.

*spider poodle spider poodle
does whatever a spider poodle does *
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Inverse of this?
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Pleasepleaseplease, whatever you do, post a follow up pic! I am here for the Standard Poodle Costume Smackdown Eleganza Extravaganza. I mean, pleeeeeeaaazzzzzz.
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FYI - If you go the 80s route there are a range of doggie leg warmers for sale. Just sayin!
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I think a vest in a loud zebra or leopard print would be adorable and eye-catching with the rest of the rocker look.
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I feel the pressing need to suggest anything that could be described as a "poodle skirt."
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Yes. A 'poodle skirt' adorned with silhouettes of ponytailed girls in a ยด50s style.
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The big bad wolf?
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> keep her topknot long enough for a mohawk

just adding a caution: our very sweet and tolerant non-standard poodle briefly had a mohawk, which attracted a *lot* of head scritches, which in turn triggered the only time he ever snapped at anyone. Best keep others' fingers away from your dog's mohawk!
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Attach some lightweight foam balls (could be glow in dark) to rigid wires anchored to a small platform mounted on a vest or harness and you've got some stars orbiting a back hole.
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Look at her face. Look at her expression. Does she remind you of anyone famous?

Run with that!
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Also, I think it could be hilarious to dress her up as you.
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If you do the 80s poodle, pretty please make sure she has vibrant legwarmers to complete her outfit!

When I saw "black motorcycle jacket", all I could think was it'd look better in pink...

If she'd leave her feet alone, either neon or glow-in-the-dark painted toenails...
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If we're going 80s poodle, maybe up the game and have her dress up as a singer from that era - Madonna? Whitney Houston maybe? Or Tina Turner?
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80's? Cyndi Laupoodle
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Seconding the need for photos.
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Not Prince, with the flowing locks and arched eyebrow of the "Purple Rain" posters?

A purple jacket, a purple neck scarf, and a toy guitar should do it.
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Response by poster: I'm not committed to Bad to the Bone as a concept, much as I love Lynda Barry's Poodle with a Mohawk, but loving suggestions so far. I've seen dobbs' link, but would need dog-safe non-yummy opaque white paint, and she's pretty wiggily so my skills might not be up to it. Green spikes might work for a dinosaur.

Love the ideas of Cyndi LaPoodle or Purple Rain Poodle.
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Response by poster: Went shopping, found hair clips with red roses, realized we can both go as Frida Kahlo. Pup has plenty of time to grow out her unibrow. Sadly, I no longer have waist-length braids, but yarn will do. Thanks for all the ideas.
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Ooh, the hair clips reminded me of another flower-related costume I saw on a dog:

Get a whole bunch more fake flowers, and a white dress with vaguely Swedish-looking trim. Wear the dress yourself with a flower crown, pile a WHOLE lot more flowers on your pup. You are cast members from Midsommar.
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