Need miniature cans or bottles ....
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I need miniature cans or bottles. I need approx. 200 in each of four colors, with a diameter of about half an inch.

At this point, I'm looking at painting wooden milk bottle miniatures (6 for $1, so that'll get expensive fast) or scuplting out or fimo (roughly comparable cost, according to my last calculation). The only real criteria is that they are all the same size and that they sit level, and if they're can-shaped rather than bottle-shaped, that they sit level on either end. (These are bits for a game, so they need to be dense enough to stay in place once they've been set on a level board.) I've looked at beads, but those have proved easily as expensive as the wooden bottles. I'd consider buying acrylic dowels and cutting them, but I'm not sure how to jig it so that I get clean, perpendicular cuts and pieces of exactly the same length.
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Uhh, 6 for a buck? How about 100 for $6
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I was going to post but m@ beat me too it - there are a million cheap miniatures out there, I'm sure you can find what you need.
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Thank you for finding what I could not. This should do nicely.
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Find a store that sells lots of essential oils and incense. They will carry tiny little vials with black screw on lids. (Often used for coke and other powder recreational drugs.) They are very cheap. Then go to a craft store and buy colored sand to fill them with.
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