How do I send a broadcast phone message?
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I'm looking for a free service or free software that will allow me to send broadcast phone message(s) to several group members?

I have a situation where I have to get information out to several group members on a weekly basis. The best way for me to get a hold of these members is by home/cell phone. Is there a FREE service or software that will allow me to send a message to several phone numbers? Basically I record a message and the service or software dials out to all the members and speaks the message.
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I did some research into a market that has some overlap with what you are looking for, unfortunately, i'm having trouble coming up with the name of the company that's probably the best fit. You might check out these two though and work out from there:
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DIY (and free), if you have a voice modem:

Voicent Gateway + Broadcast by Phone = Voice Broadcasting
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I know it may be a little different than what you're looking for, but if EVERYONE has a cell phone, they all have email addresses. You can send a text message over email (160char/txt, longer emails are typically split)
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