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I need some tips on food that go with the words "Will You Marry Me?"

I'm proposing to my girlfriend tomorrow and I've got everything nailed down except the menu. We're going on a picnic to a place we know and so all suggestions have to be transportable in a backpack/ plastic bag.

Orginally I was thinking deli sandwiches, but then I realized that was a tummy deicision and not a smart logistical move. I'm looking for stuff that won't over commit our mouths for talking, or our hands for ring purposes (so in other words I'm looking for finger foods). I was thinking chocolate dipped pretzels would be good, but a lunch comprised entirely of chocolate coated sodium sticks (while yummy) isn't exactly that creative.

Any ideas?
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finger sandwiches on rose-marry foccacia? (I'm a big fan of apple, smoked turkey, and brie)
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Strawberries. The most romantic fruit on earth, shaped like a heart.

Whatever else you take, you must take strawberries.
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I was thinking Strawberries too. Hmmm, I wonder if I can find them this time of year. Heck, I'm in NYC, I can find anything (for a price!).

Foccaia with Brie is a GREAT idea! My gf loves Brie.
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cheescake with a rasberry reduction as topping, alternatively chambord reductions

picture here, more recipes here.

For the actual course i recommend sashimi grade tuna if you can get it, keep it cold and she likes sushi.
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I think sandwiches are a good idea, I don't completely understand why you've ruled it out.
If it's because they are big and messy, you could instead make a bunch of mini-sandwiches.

One fun (corny) possibility would be to get a heart-shaped cookie cutter and some Pillsbury biscuits. Lay out the biscuits on the cookie sheet according to the directions, and cut them with the cookie cutter (hopefully not taking very much off the biscuits). Cook according to the directions, and split the biscuits open (side-side, not up-down!) to use as the bread for sandwiches. I like using "Golden Layers", myself. I've used them to make little tuna puffs, but you can do any sandwich. They can be packed in tupperware-type containers.

On preview: you can make baked brie with crescent rolls; there's a recipe on the Pillsbury site somewhere.
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Cheesecake is also a favorite for the both of us!

Hadn't thought about using heart shaped biscuits, thats great!
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If you like sourbrew's cheesecake idea but you aren't big on cooking, I've had great success with the cupcake-modified recipe on the side of the Jello No-bake Cheesecake box. Easy and portable!
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Whatever you make, be sure it's something that doesn't require careful attention to detail. You mind is going to be quite distracted . I would prep as much as you can the day before.
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Greek Salad
Many high-end champagnes are offered in small bottles; consider mimosas. Fruit and cheese always work. Make as much of your food as you can yourself; it'll speak volumes. Break a leg!
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champagne, of course.

as for food - keep it simple. i think the strawberries, brie and focaccia bread is a great idea. maybe some grapes and apples. prosciutto wrapped around melon or asparagus is tasty. maybe cannolis for dessert if you want to keep it all finger foods.

good luck!
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hey, "strawberry brie" rhymes with "will you marry me?
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i love the heart shaped sandwiches idea.. and strawberries are a must... (chocolate coated strawberries are very easy to make) but more than anything if you know what some of her favorite foods/desserts are, maybe something she doesnt get to have very often? because nothing is more romantic than having your boyfriend/girlfriend show you how much he/she notices the little details.

make it as simple as possible though.. the focus should be more on her than the food.
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Great ideas (and wisdom), thanks everyone. I was going to ask about drinks. Niether of us are really big champagne drinkers (or wine for that matter). What would be a fitting, yet classy, non-alcoholic beverage?
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If you can swing making cookies without her knowing, that would be awesome. Strawberries and homemade chocolate chip cookies. With champagne. And a ring. I'd marry you in a heartbeat.
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I'll keep that in mind incase she says "no." JK
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Beware of salads before Champagne, as the vinegar will spoil the taste of the wine.

personally I would go for lobster roll, on a buttered and toasted hot-dog bun. I know, but that just happens to be the best. Assemble on site so it doesn't get soggy.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne, strawberries, chocolate. Don't forget the ice bucket, and a nice linen to wrap it in.
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a bottle of perrier, pellegrino or any sparkling water is good.
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Glass bottles of old fashioned sodas? Real Brew or Boyland's or such, might be nice if you're soda drinkers. Otherwise, a freshly made fruit punch looks lovely poured into wine glasses.
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Oops, didn't see the no Champagne update. I'd still include a small split for decoration if nothing else. Substitute San Pelligrino and fresh orange juice.
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Martinelli's sparkling apple juice? Comes in a classy champagne-like bottle, good color, very fizzy. There's another well-known brand that has sparkling apple and grape, in a dark green bottle, with a purple and red label that's a little more whimsical...

I like the fancy soda idea of jacquilynne's, but the fizziness is an important aspect - Boylan's would not be fizzy enough, for sure.
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I think it's hard to go wrong with a nice loaf of bread, a couple of yummy cheeses, some cold cuts, strawberries, and wine or lemonade. No utencils required and delicious. Finish it off with a finger-food dessert like brownies, petit fours, or truffles. Another bonus for a light meal is that you won't feel too stuffed to consummate your engagement afterwards. :)
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There are fizzy Lorina lemonades-- pink and regular yellow color-- that are at Cost Plus World Market-- I just love those. You could always do the old standby n/a fancy drink, sparkling grape juice. My newest favorite drink is oj and 7-up mixed, but maybe that's just me. I'd go for the lemonades-- pretty bottle and everything. I think Target sells them too.

And I echo what others have said-- keep it simple, nothing you have to fuss over. Even take-out from your favorite restaurant could be fun and easy. Make it about HER, not the food.
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If you can find it, sparkling pomegranate juice is a delicious alternative to champagne. I've only seen it at Costco around Thanksgiving, but since you're in New York, nothing is impossible to get, right?
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I love the Izze soft drinks. It's just fruit juice and sparkling water, and while I usually prefer sugar-laden sodas, I found Grapefruit Izze to be quite refreshing. They sell them at Target, but I got mine at Starbucks, so you can find them anywhere, pretty much.
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Actually, Sarah Anne, Izze comes in Pomegranate. Is this the same thing?
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A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou.
- Omar Khayyam

Really good bread, some brie, some pate, strawberries (sourcream and brown sugar for dipping/optional). No champagne? something fizzy in decent glasses. Bring cloth napkins and a blanket.

We expect a full report.
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Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions (I know they're good because they're making my tummy grumble)! In case anyone is interested in how it turns out, I'm sure I'll blog about it here.
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theora55 - I thought my family was the only one that ate strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar. My fiance (now wife) laughed at the concept.

Personally, I think that a couple tupperwares with sour cream and brown sugar to go with the strawberries and some italian soda (after the brie and focaccia sammiches, or grilled beef or chicken with blue cheese and arugula on ciabatta) would be a great idea.
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All the above suggestions sound good to me! But being recently engaged, if she says yes, I can assure you neither one of you will be thinking much about the food later :)

PS. Bring flowers, even if it's only one rose.
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Pomegranates & pomegranate juice are symbols of fertility. You might want to keep that in mind if you're going to consummate the deal after the meal. . .
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Oysters (w/pearls)
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flickr follow up
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congrats :)
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And to AlisonM: the sparkling pomegranate juice I had last Txgvng was packaged in a "champagne" style bottle.
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