Downtown Minneapolis bar/restaurant for a small get together with my adult family - Post wedding proposal
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Downtown Minneapolis bar/restaurant for a small get together with my adult family - Post wedding proposal

Specifically a relaxed environment where 10 adults can get drinks on a Friday or Saturday night. If needed, I could reserve a room or area for the group, but this is not necessary. I would like it to be fairly quiet, but if a band is playing or the bar is busy, that is alright as long as we have a semi private area that we can talk in comfortably.

Cost is an important factor, I will likely be paying for the nights bill, and if any reservation fees are needed. If we can get a few plates of appetizers, that would also be a plus.

I would prefer to stay in the Nicollet Mall/Block E area if possible, but would be willing to travel if the option is exceptional. The purpose of this event is for our family to celebrate together after I propose earlier in the evening to my girlfriend.
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The Local is quiet and has lots of nooks of varying sizes, including 10ish. It's a great place, and it's at 10th and Nicollet. I don't know that I'd call it cheap, but it's pretty much inline with other places in the area, price-wise.
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"semi private area" definitely makes me think of the Local, so I'll second COBRA!'s suggestion. Half the bar is made of little rooms separated by carved wooden walls, with an open door area so you don't feel completely cut off from the rest of the establishment. Good luck, and congrats!
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Le Meridien has a nice bar. I don't know if it's near that mall, but when I went for a run I remember running along a Nicollet Ave. near the hotel.
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nthing the Local.
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Another vote for the Local.
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The local can be crazy crowded on Friday and Saturday, and I have had bad experiences with service. I would suggest the Porter & Frye cocktail lounge in the Ivy Hotel, which is just a few blocks away. It's generally pretty quiet, they pour a really good drink there, and the price is moderate, depending on what you order.

Depending on how late you go, the Palimino on Hennepin has a late-night happy hour that is quite good, and they are also not terribly busy on Saturday nights. Their home-made margaritas are quite good, and you get a nice view of Hennepin Avenue.
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The Local is nice and relaxed on weekdays, but on weekend nights it gets ridiculously crowded.

My personal vote is for Rock Bottom Brewery, which doesn't get too busy and has plenty of tables. As a brewpub, though, they only serve their own beer, which is a dealbreaker for some.
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After seeing so many people recommend The Local for a quiet and relaxed place on a weekend night, I had to at least try to recommend something better (it's loud, packed and almost impossible to move around in on the weekends). All I did was look through the list of downtown bars at and put together a list of what seemed like laid-back, relaxed bars and not super-busy, have-to-yell-to-talk sorts of places. Here's a handful I picked out that seem like they might be up your alley:

  • Eli's Bar - Small place on 12th and Hennepin or so. Would probably have to make a reservation to get a table for a group that large.

  • Gluek's Bar - it does get crazy on weekend nights, but there's a backroom you can reserve. Not sure how much of the noise would leak back there, but figured it's worth mentioning. Across the street from Block E.

  • Imperial Room, The - I think I might have seen a DJ here on a weekend once, but I don't think so. They also have an upstairs (or is it downstairs?) lounge area away from the main bar. Never been in those areas or even know if they're used or reservable on weekends, but thought I'd throw it out there. A block or two down from Block E on 1st Ave.

  • Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant - never actually been here, I just imagine that the music wouldn't be too loud. It's on Nicollet.

  • M&S Grill - Should be quiet. Small bar area though, so you'd probably have to get a table, which, if you're not eating, they might not be happy about. On 6th and Nicollet.

  • Rossi's Steak House - I don't imagine the music would be too loud. The restaurant portion has areas away from the stage. Might be a little pricey.

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    The Imperial Room definitely has DJs on weekends. Dakota often has a largeish cover charge because people are there to see the performers, and those guests might be upset if you're sitting around talking instead of listening.

    Do you know what time you're planning on going out? The places that are relaxed and quiet on a weekend night are different at 8pm vs. 11pm. I assumed you'd be going out earlier, since you said you'd be with adult family (which made me think Mom & Dad), but... If you're going out later, it's going to be tough to find a downtown spot that's quiet, particularly if you want it to also be inexpensive.
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