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My wife wants to start a business making art for kids. She plans to make an original painting and then customize a canvas print with a kid's name. Any suggestions on an inexpensive way to get canvas prints? Any way to order such a service wholesale?
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A number of companies such as Epson and HP sell canvas designed for inkjet printers, so you can do this yourself. Googling "inkjet canvas" yielded this site, for example, but stationery and art supply places should stock these too.
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I saw a large number of canavas prints at Ikea recently and have seen other places that will print photos on canvas and mount it on a frame, so I assume someone recently introduced a new process to do cheap, good quality prints on canvas.

Sorry I don't have any useful info, but I saw both these things in the last week or two, so your question is an odd coincidence in the printing-on-canvas department.
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If she's interested, I'm looking for an artist to do some work for me for a kids project. Email is in profile. Thx!
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Finerworks will do this for you
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I googled "printing to canvas" and a variety of printers that offer those services showed up. Also look for a local sign shop / poster printer. (or Call local area printers in the phone book to get their poster printer connections) Call to see if she could set-up some kind of deal with them. She would purchase so many prints a month at x amount. These types of printers usually charge by the square foot. Try to work down the square footage price.

Check these vendor out.

Come up with a nice notebook portfolio you can carry around and also leave with buinesses. Network with interior designers and home redecorating businesses. People that use these types of services are willing to pay for a custom piece of artwork to hang in their childs room. Maybe offer some sort of referral fee to the ID that sells your artwork. Good luck with the business.
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