Preserving recorded sound
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In this interesting fpp about the 2005 National Recording Registry, 'audio experts' are quoted as saying "too few people have the skills to preserve many at-risk analog sound materials." Where would one obtain these skills?

In a similar vein, are there 'user groups' or online communities devoted to this topic?

I've personally developed some interesting (at least to me) methods of digitizing vinyls and tapes, both old and new; it's a passion of mine. If I could leave working in IT in favor of preserving and restoring our worlds audio treasures I'd be the happiest guy in the world!
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These people are huge into audio preservation:
Association For Recorded Sound Collections

Good luck! Tons of stuff need to get off of LP, magnetic tape, etc.
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The problem while that there are few people with the skills to preserve it, there are even fewer with the money to pay people to perserve it.
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It is probably a lot less about what you know than who.
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>Where would one obtain these skills?

Library school!

Some stuff to get you started here and here.
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Thanks guys, these are great links :)
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