Most comfortable rollaway bed I can get fast
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There doesn't seem to be a way to try out a rollaway bed before buying. I'd like to have one very soon -- within the next couple of days. Can you recommend a comfortable, reasonably priced model that I can get in North Carolina?

I'm not looking at futons, futon couches, sleeper sofas, air mattresses, folding cots, hammocks, etc. -- just rollaway beds. What have you tried?

It will need to come with a (folding) mattress. I can add a foam topper if needed. I think we'll want a reasonably soft, reasonably thick dealio.

Suppliers I've looked at and am considering: Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, Walmart... whatever you've got, including the big A.
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Ikea Hemnes Day Bed? They’re a bit shorter than a normal bed though.
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Best answer: No personal experience, but the Spruce has a rundown of rollaway beds/cots.
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