Seeking good 'zero commercial' travel resources on the web
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This must have been discussed before. But could not find good answers via quick searching. I am looking for good website and blogs that would help me plan trips.

Most sites feel too commercial and bloated with links to travel deals, more links to somewhere else, and what not. I am looking for sites that i can use to get some 'inspiration' about different regions and places to visit. Right now Ithinking about new england. But it can be somewhere else in a few months. It would be nice to get user commentaries, travel journals, image galleries, alternate travel route ideas and maps, recommendation and suggestions about places from travelers and users themselves instead of 200 links to travelocity, expedia. I am sure there are sites like these. It would be great if I get some of the ones preferred by metafilter community.

I am sure I can go and buy a book at the store for this kind of info. But I wonder if there are community sites that are low on fat and high on useful content. I would be actually willing to pay for subscriptions if there are good options.

My main thing is I am looking for inspiration, ideas and possibilities around planning a trip.

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Try :-

Lonely Planet's ThornTree forums (worldwide).

Roadside America - Guide to Uniquely Odd Tourist Attractions (US).

Ball of Dirt (for independent travellers - worldwide).

Stick Rice (South East Asia travelogues).
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The Graffiti Wall at Rick Steves site can be useful.
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Bootsnall has journals and forums that have definitely inspired me.
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I've found tripadvisor to be useful, especially for hotel reviews.
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World 66
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you guys are super!
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I love Matt Barrett's Greece Pages. They're really helpful in both making you want to go to Greece and planning your trip once you decide. They're quite funny with a good personal feel, too.
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