Can you recommend some scented candles?
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I enjoy a nice scented candle. Some of my favorites have amber or oakmoss scents, but that's not a requirement. I've had great luck with Edgewater Candles, Ouro Hermetica and Big White Yeti, but I love trying new ones. I don't like candles that smell like food; no strong fruit smells and no vanilla. Do you have any favorites you can recommend? Bonus points for smaller shops, but also not a requirement.
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Magic Fairy Candles
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Basik Oakmoss and Amber. They aren’t cheap but the scent is really the best (in terms of a clean but lasting fragrance) that I’ve ever experienced. Small, queer owner business out of SF.
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Hinoki Minimalist Candle
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I had fun picking a bunch of tiny 1oz candles from Dio Candles. They have a bunch of scents so you can likely find something that piques your interest and the little ones are really affordable so you can get a handful. Mine have all burnt really nicely and smelled unique, and pretty true to their scent descriptions.
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So, just as an insight to the candle business, most of the candles you see out there are created by people who are buying the wax and fragrance oils from one or two suppliers who cater to hobbyists and small businesses. They are buying stock fragrances and just assembling the candle with good packaging. There is nothing wrong with that, it is actually what I do as a hobbyist. But you are going to find basically the same fragrances everywhere you go. The market is really not that big -- so amber and oakmoss, I can pretty much tell you what supplier sells those fragrances. So if you like what you have already tried from the brands you like, I would just experiment with other fragrances from that brand. Trust me, they have already smelled everything out there and found the best stock fragrances and are already selling them. There are also not that many good fragrances, so people tend to sell the same ones over and over.

The exception is candle makers who hire their own perfumers and actually make their own fragrances. This where you really get into fragrances that have the complexity and uniqueness of a good perfume. In general you will find them at higher-end departments stores, and/or perfume houses that put their fragrances into candles.

And if you really want to splurge, Dyptique Paris is like the closest to heaven you can get, in a candle. Their Baies candle is a best seller (berries and roses).
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I like P. F. Candle Co. They have an amber & moss scent that's really nice, but I've also loved every other scent I've tried from them.
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Best answer: I highly recommend reading the candle reviews at Affluent Detritus and buying whatever sounds good. You might as well be highly entertained while you discover new products.
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I like Redwood + Co. Their scent Base Camp has notes of bay laurel, moss, and amber.
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I just bought a Tatine candle in Hashish and my room has smelled like drugs all week - I haven't even lit it yet. Am enjoying this fake high.
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I recently saw this Spiced Tobacco candle at Walmart for $9. I liked the smell of it in the store, and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it smells - without being overpowering - when lit.
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