Your favorite stars-with-fans videos?
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Prompted by the FPP about Jovi's performance of "Bug" with Trey Anastasio, what are your favorite fan-with-star performances?
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Foo Fighters regularly take a fan from the audience but once in a while they get someone extraordinary like Yayo Sanchez (aka Kiss Guy).
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Dave Grohl had an ongoing social media drum battle with a young fan. I think she eventually did join him on stage but I might be misremembering.
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Nandi Bushell, and she did eventually get on stage with the band.
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My memory says that it was the Blue that tipped me off to Billy Joel singing New York State of Mind accompanied by a young whippersnapper on piano, but searching didn't turn it up immediately.
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Response by poster: JoeZydeco, Grohl's gob-smacked face at about two minutes in is hilarious.

I love it!
posted by wenestvedt at 7:54 AM on June 22, 2022 [1 favorite] is Michael Buble, and a fan's mom, and a fan who he said would be taking his job from him.
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Response by poster: spamloaf, I think that's the same on as discussed in this FPP.

Your link works, thankfully, though at the FPP's link YT now only coughs up the error, "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by SME."
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I'm not even a Matisyahu fan, but this clip in which a coffee shop musician is performing "One Day" only to be joined by a stranger he doesn't recognize is a total delight. "You've got a beautiful voice!" the kid says, innocently. "You know who wrote that song?" Matisyahu asks, then taps his chest. (It bears mention that even a fan, like this kid would not have been likely to recognize him at this point because he had just shaved his famous beard and bleached his hair blond.)
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Well, here's a famous fan performing with Sting.
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I'm not the world's biggest Green Day fan, but they are fantastic with their audience. This video of a kid being pulled on stage to perform Longview and then J.A.R. (at the kid's request! and I don't blame him, that's probably my favorite GD song too!) never fails to make me smile.
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I also kind of like this one.

It's Simon LeBon on vacation in Spain, he gets up on stage and sings along with the local musician who's just doing his day job at the restaurant. So it's a little twist on the idea.
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Springsteen with fan.
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When Jason Isbell played an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, midway through the intro of the third song he stopped playing and said: "Hey, you know what, I've got an idea, hold on. Does anybody here play the guitar really well?"
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There was an FPP about this - Lenny Kravitz overheard a school youth group busking with his song "Fly Away" one day in New Orleans, and wandered over to join in.

Video alone here: he starts out just listening, and then about one minute in he takes over the drums and shit gets real.
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