What do people play in garage bands/open mics these days?
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I used to play drums (20 or so years back), and would meet up with other musicians for an hour or two to mess about with instruments. There were always tracks that people knew that you could just pick up and play. My son (11) has been drumming a while now, and is about to switch to a new school. Assuming he runs into people who play instruments, he'd like to be able to do something similar. I'm terribly old now and less in touch with what the kids these days are playing... Help me build him a playlist to bash along with?

UK based, in case that's important.
My version of this used to include Sweet Child, Enter Sandman, various Oasis/Blur stuff, Back in Black, Seven Nation Army, Teen Spirit, Foos... You get the idea.
Tracks with challenging/interesting drum parts would be a bonus, but not essential.
We're pretty relaxed about explicit lyrics, etc.
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I can't speak for the demographic, but just this morning I found a recommended drum along list from Elephant Drums. They're based in London so hopefully something resonates!
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Chaise Longue!
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My musician child is 7 years older than yours but Seven Nation Army, Wonderwall, and Don’t Look Back In Anger have not gone away for jamming.
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The fratellies
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The fratellies
We were promised jetpacks
Weezer ( old Weezer)
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