Rehoming piano sheet music
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Where to donate a stack of (mostly) advanced piano sheet music?

My mother is a piano teacher who recently inherited a large-ish quantity of sheet music. Much of it is too advanced to pass on to her own students. Surely there is a place for this other than recycling? She is happy to pay to ship it somewhere that could use it.
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I see you're in LA. I'd call the offices of the local arts-focused public schools. Off the top of my head: LACHSA, Grand Arts, Renaissance Arts Academy. (Though expect public school communication to go slowly because it's summer break.)
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How about a music school, e.g. The Cleveland Institute of Music (there's likely one or more in the L.A. area), or the music department of a college or university?
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Check for a local community college with a music program.
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Response by poster: While I appreciate the LA recommendations, the sheet music resides in Michigan.
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Your state music teachers association is a logical place to start. They probably have a local branch close to wherever you are.

We often got donations of this sort at our local music teachers association branch, and the music was put to good use - believe me.

Another place to look is a local college or university with a music department - contact one of the piano professors there.
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If she just wants a home for it, she could try listing it on NextDoor.
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Two summers ago I picked up a lifetime’s worth of advanced sheet music from a widower via Nextdoor, and it has been my pandemic salvation. I took the whole thing and passed along any duplicates via Nextdoor to a very appreciative piano teacher.
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College/university that offers a music major. School system. A reference librarian would be a good resource.
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One of the wee gratefuls works in a music library in a DC suburb, and said institution would ]love to be the recipient of such a gift.
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What editions (if any) are they? Urtext scores like Henle or Barenreiter are expensive and could either be resold or donated (and gratefully accepted), if they aren't too marked.

The desirability of other editions depend on the quality (or perceived quality) of the publishing house and the person receiving them - I've had music teachers reject Peters, for example, but they are perfectly fine for any music enthusiast to learn from, just not necessarily great for academic analysis.
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