Delta 8 to Δ 8...?
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Delta 8, Urban Haze brand, 10 mg microdose infused gummies are the only things have cured my insomnia in a lifetime of sleep struggle. I am flying into Athens from the USA in a couple of weeks and don't want to risk bringing my package of gummies with me.

I can't find unambiguously clear information from a definitely authoritative source about what level of THC is legal to bring into Greece, and even if ultimately my packet of gummies are a legal dose in Greece I don't want any potential travel hassle. I'm not going to risk taking them on the plane.

Can I buy something equivalent in Athens to use for insomnia while in Greece? What would the product be called and what kind of shop would I go to? I'm staying for a couple of days near the city center before leaving Athens for a rural area.
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Honestly I'd get a bunch of gummi candy that was a similar-ish shape but that you can distinguish and mix them in.
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Maybe they can ship it to where you are staying there? I put in a semi-random Athens street address at Urban Haze's website and they offered shipping options.
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I did what bile and syntax suggested and mixed my THC gummies in with a bag of haribo mixed gummies and resealed the bag with my hair straightener and no one batted an eye.
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Best answer: We don't have legal weed here, but we do have shops that sell stuff like CBD, seeds for you to look at and never actually plant etc. Here is a query of the Greek internet, these people will know what can be had locally.
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