Best products that smell like the ocean?
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Looking for the best quality perfumes, shampoo, and other products that smell like the ocean.
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DS & Durga makes nice (and spendy) stuff.
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Demeter Fragrance’s Salt Air smells remarkably like ocean.
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Lush Ocean Salt scrub smells exactly like the ocean to me, although the description indicates lime/citrus. They have it as a sample to try if you use other Lush products.
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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab makes some cool aquatic perfume oils! Unfortunately they are out of stock of my favorite ocean-y one, Olokun. But this sample pack has several others worth trying. I will say though that none of them smell like a beach, per se, so much as they all have a marine reference. Ry'leh, to my nose, is the most most ocean like, with Sea of Glass next. (Bayou is actually my fave of that set in general; it's humid green summer heat in liquid form.)
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Oh definitely definitely definitely check out I Hate Perfume. I’m on my phone so I can’t easily link, but there are several there that would suit you: off the top of my head, At the Beach 1966, Mr. Hulot’s Holiday, Tidal Pool, and North Atlantic.
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Sel Marin might be worth sampling.
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Hermes Eau de Merveilles. Smells like the evening after a day at the beach plus a walk in the woods. My sample wasn't overbearing, but I kept getting little whiffs whenever I turned my head. (Hermes says it's "for women." I say, "Anyone who likes it should wear it.")

Look for someone on eBay or Mercari who has a good seller rating and you can save a lot of money -- I just bought a nearly full bottle, minus a few spritzes, for 50% off from a Mercari seller who found that it didn't work for them.
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Elena Vosnaki, one of my favorite fragrance bloggers, says that Salvador Dali's Sunrise in Cadaques Pour Femme is a cheaper, more fizzy and less salty Eau de Merveilles if you're not put off by the bottle.
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Method has a hand soap called Sea Minerals that I really love.
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I Hate Perfume.

Am I daft or is there no way to purchase anything on this website? I see no pricing or way to add things to a basket.
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Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. I haven't tried other products in the Surf line, but I imagine they smell just as good.
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@dobbs - If you go to and click a box, you should be taken to a new page (in the case of the Ready to Wear collection) or get a pop-up (in the case of the Premium Accords) where you can select a size and add it to your cart. I notice that my uBlock Origin is blocking a lot on the site, so if you have ad/script blockers, that might be preventing you from seeing things.
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Maison Margiela has a lovely perfume called Beach Walk that I really like in their Replica line.

Also try The Thymes' Aqua Coralline body wash, lotion, hand soap, etc.
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I don't like scented stuff but I love Swedish Dream Sea Salt Hand Crème.
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I've spent some time hunting for this kind of thing too. I guess everyones impression of the sea varies but the very best I have found is Compagnie de Provence Mediterranean hand creme.
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I'm in love with Algemarin Spa foam bath/shower gel.
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Response by poster: I'm trying all of these! Thank you!
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Just to add another Replica perfume that may fit the bill: Sailing Day.
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Supplementary answer to yourself and to Dobbs, re the I Hate Perfume site:

To purchase things, first go to the "shop" page. You will see a screen with what looks like square color swatches, each with the names of the various scents. If you click on one of those swatches, THAT will take you to the shopping options for THAT scent; there will be a dropdown menu for the various sizes on offer, and you have to pick a specific item from the dropdown to see the price.

I tried to pull links to the specific scents mentioned above, but the interface doesn't seem to let me do that.
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