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I recently picked up some citrus sea salt, and have no idea what to do with it.

I imagine I could season some sort of fish with it, but don't really have a great idea of what would taste good. I'm an intermediate level cook with not a lot of out of the box experience.
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Use it on anything savory that you would think to add citrus to.

Summer salads into which you might put orange sections, for instance. Make it into a rub for pork. Rim your margheritas with it. Add it to salsa or guacamole(?)
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Maybe try some sprinkled on fresh cut watermelon or over cucumber slices.
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Sprinkle it on chocolate ice cream!
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I have lemon salt and I use it pretty exclusively on steaks right before eating. I use regular salt for pre-cooked coming-to-room-temp period.
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Mmm... citrus-salt & pepper wings...
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Make salted caramels.
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I personally would only add it to things where you would experience the salt texture, since I'm cheap like that and would just add citrus to things if I wanted citrus in it. So sprinkling on meats and cucumbers/watermelon is a good idea (and I'd add tomatoes/corn to that list).

Lemon sugar cookies with a teeny tiny bit of salt added to the sugar that you roll them in before baking.

Mixed into the breading for chicken or pork, or into a rub.

Sprinkled on bland things to give them a bit of brightness (baked potatoes and french fries would be good).

If you really do like fish, then google "salt crusted fish".
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Rimming salt
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I just saw a pin on Pinterest that said to put watermelon slices in a baking pan, pour a shot of tequila on each, then after they've soaked a bit sprinkle them with salt.

That is exactly what I'd do with citrus sea salt.
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