NOLA dinner tonight
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I'm visiting New Orleans and am looking for a recommendation for a good restaurant that's open Sunday and into which I could walk in tonight as a solo diner and eat at the bar without a lot of fuss. Any cuisine or neighborhood so long as it's good. Thanks!
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price range?
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Response by poster: Price not a huge factor short of super premium tasting menu-type stuff.
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I have eaten at the bar at Cochon, and it was a sublime experience. Recommended.

Atchafalaya is another of my personal favorites, great New Orleans cuisine.

New Orleans is packed with great restaurants though, it's hard to go wrong with dining there.
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You could pretty much throw a rock and hit a place that meets your criteria in New Orleans. One of my faves is Costera. Great food, cocktails and service in the couple of times I went.
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I had a fantastic dinner at Peche.
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Here to plug Cochon--- one of the most memorable but low-key meals of my life.
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Both Cochon and Peche are wonderful, and I'd slightly more recommend Peche if pushed.
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Response by poster: I took the first suggestion and am having a lovely early dinner at the bar at Cochon. Thanks everyone!
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I know you already found your answer for tonight, but for any future visitors, I can't pass up the chance to plug my absolute favorite steak in the city, bar none. It's the skirt steak with skin at La Boca in the Warehouse District. It's not what you think of when you think of a 'steak dinner', and that's a good thing. Entirely unpretentious, filling, flavorful, reasonable price for what you get (though not cheap!)
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