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Our camping chairs are due for a replacement. What's your favorite camping chair, Mefi?

I did search the archives but the last question is from 2011.

Looking for a collapsible, durable camping chair. I don't like the director chair style, but I do need armrests. At least 2 pockets. I also don't need an oversized chair or a side table.
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I bought four of these in 2018 in the standard size, when they were on sale for $25. I bought them because we had a beach cookout coming up, and as I was preparing I realized most of my camp chairs were broken in one way or another. I grabbed these because they were next-day available, and I figured eh, they're probably crap but they'll last the season and then I can find some real chairs... but they have worked surprisingly well. There's a cupholder on one arm and an insulated bag on the other, and they come with a sleeve with a carrying strap, which fits into the insulated bag if you're not using it for anything else. So far, no bent or stuck frames, no frayed or torn fabric, no stitches unraveling... I am quite pleasantly surprised at how well these have worked out.

For a more lounge-y chair, the Lafuma Zero Gravity is hard to beat. My folks have a few of these; they are very well built and super comfortable, but they are a little expensive, and really not very portable.
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Seconding xedrik's recommendation of the Amazon Basics chair! We have two that have held up quite well so far. We also have the Timber Ridge zero gravity lounger from Costco, which I think might just be a differently branded version of xedrik's second recommendation, and I love it. (We haven't actually taken it camping, it just lives on our deck, so I can't vouch for how well it travels.)
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This REI chair is too pricey for me, but my friends have them and they are so comfortable.
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Best answer: GearJunkie's recommendations are focused on particular priorities, which can be helpful. The Strategist also has some ideas. (And, for whatever reason, REI Outlet has a wide selection of discounted camping chairs right now.)
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I bought 2 of these a few years ago for outdoor concerts and I like them a lot. A step up from your typical camp chair in that they have a much firmer seat, which is easier for many older people to get out of. No slouching but yet comfy, light, cup and book holder, carry case and nice colors.
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You didn't mention what kind of camping; if you're car-camping I really like these chairs (though they're far too bulky and heavy for hike-camping). A few years ago when I bought them they were 2 for $75; they're a little more now but I still think they're a great deal. Very comfortable, max weight is 300lbs so they're quite sturdy, no pockets unfortunately but they do include little clip-on side-tables with holes for drinks and book/tablet.
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Best answer: For car camping, I like the regular ol' REI Camp X Chair - very comfortable, good pocket situation, affordable, and ours have lasted well despite considerable abuse.

For backpacking, I haven't found anything that's worth its weight to carry except the two-ounce Therm-a-Rest Z-Seat Pad. Even the near-lightest chair, the Helinox Chair Zero, is a pound! A full pound! There are so many better things to spend a pound on.

You also might want to check out Outdoor Gear Lab's chair reviews; I've found their reviews to be generally great: thorough, accurate, and unbiased.
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One more consideration: depending on what surface you're on, the type of feet on the chair make a huge difference, as rounded or bullet-shaped feet will sink in a lot more than feet with a wider, flatter surface. Nothing quite like slowly sinking into damp earth, forcing you to get up and move the chair, repeat ad nauseam, to completely negate the comfort of the chair.
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They're heavy and a little pricey, but the most comfortable folding chair I've sat in recently are these rockers.
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I have a camping world equivalent to the following:Folding lounger with foot rest that collapses to a the smaller carry bags. It is needing a firm pull back to set the foot rest up and collapse. Overall durable and giving you a relaxing space to enjoy fireworks, camp fires, and overall not that crazy to carry long distances when leaving.
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A lot of Outdoor gear and REI Chairs are super expensive ($50+ per chair). If your budget is lower at around 20-30, you cant do better than this type of chairs. I am not partial to the company in the link but rather the chair's structure( four legs, aluminum structure, and pegs on the bottom so they work in any environment-sand, stones, etc). Its stable, comfortable, and very packable. If you pay more, you can get higher back chairs which will support you if you want to lean back at the beach.
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This chair from Decathlon is my current fave:
Comfortable, light and relatively inexpensive.
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Response by poster: I ended up going with the Coleman Quad Chair and it's great! Thanks all.
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