Why does wireless zero configuration not start automatically?
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Why does wireless zero configuration not start automatically?

Anyone out there understand Windows Services? My 'wireless zero configuration' service won't start up automatically, even though the startup type is set to automatic. So every time I restart my computer, I have to start the service manually to enable my wireless connection. I guess in the grand scheme of things it's not thart serious, but it is annoying. Does anyone know a quick fix please?
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Have you looked for errors in your Event Logs? That might tell you why it's not starting.

Also, many (most?) manufacturers include their own utility software for managing connections. That will disable WZC. Do you have another program, somewhere on your start menu, that will let you manage your wireless?

(FWIW, I've found that Intel's is much better than WZC, but Linksys' is pretty awful.)
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Run msconfig and look under services - is it enabled in there?
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Best answer: Do these instructions on technet help?
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I don't pretend to understand these things, but with the help of those technet instructions, I think I've fixed it. Apparently all I had to do was disable automatic wireless network configuration. It seems a little counter-intuitive if you ask me, but for now, it seems to have done the job. Thanks again everyone.
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