How do you build a ROM reader?
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How do I read the contents of a flash ROM?

Can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap ROM reader/programmer or how to build one on my own?

I want to read the contents an EEPROM on a game controller and eventually try to reprogram it to reroute inputs/outputs. It is 8-pins, but the numbers printed on it don't seem to indicate a known make/model type. Will that be a problem?

Is there an inexpensive way to do this? I am fairly good with the soldering iron and have programmed os/application-side controller drivers, so the technical aspect shouldn't be a problem.
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maybe this? or, rather, this. google for "eprom programmer" or "serial eprom programmer" for more. (replace eprom with eeprom as needed.)

you will need to figure out what kind of ROM it is. it does make a difference - things like write voltage and pinout and stuff. yours is probably compatible with something that's become a standard. 8-pins leads me to believe it's a serial EEPROM, so you may want to limit your searches to serial devices and ignore, like, ROMs starting with '27'.
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Thanks. Is there a way to determine the series of the EEPROM or can that be figured out using a reader + software?
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Can you tell us the numbers on the top of the device.
Does it have a manufacturer logo?
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After I removed it from the board, I found a series number on the underside of it. Thanks for the help.
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