I ate a soursop seed. Now what?
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I accidentally swallowed a soursop seed while eating fruit. Am I in trouble?

I didn't know the seeds were toxic. I swallowed one by mistake. It was whole, and in the pulp of the fruit. Will the seed pass, or am I at risk of a bad reaction or poisoning? Dr. Google yields iffy information. I'm not really sure what to do. Any info would be deeply appreciated.
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Best answer: My guess is that you'll be fine. Seeds are meant to be digested and pooped out. Most toxic seeds are toxic when crushed (chewed).

HOWEVER. Don't take my word on it. Call poison control. They'll answer your question (and also the funding for poison control - oncall doctors to answer your question - is directly related to call volume, so even if the answer is "you're fine" you're supporting your community by calling).
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Call your local poison control center, but I think if you swallowed 1 whole seed you are unlikely to be poisoned.
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As a backup, and if you're waiting/angsting/toturing yourself/want to contingency plan, you can start googling ways to make yourself throw up and/or compiling supplies for this. That's totally what I'd do.
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One? Whole, or chewed up?

Don't worry about it unless you are a very small human or have a pre-existing gastrointestinal issue. Odds are it'll just pass through whole, worst case (barring unknowable rare allergic reaction) there might be some minor irritation/ inflammation that will go away.

Most of the "it's toxic" stuff is referring to dodgy "herbal extracts" from soursop seed (mainly) and the active molecules being present in potentially very high amounts.
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Response by poster: Thanks. I wound up calling poison control, and I'll be okay. Thank you, internet.
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