How long will cut peaches last unrefrigerated?
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My mother cut some peaches up and placed them in water for me to put in my deep freeze when I got home. I forgot and left them in the car overnight. I put them in the freezer this morning. Are they still safe or should I just dump them?

I am not happy that I forgot.
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I would smell them- if they smell fermented or weird, toss them. If they smell ok, taste one. If it tastes good, it should be fine.
If you still feel unsure, consider cooking them - bake them into a pie, or make some kind of peach sauce you can then freeze.
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I would eat the peaches. If you don't eat them, send them to me, I will take care of them for you!
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what?? i am a huge giant scared food baby and i would eat these peaches without a second thought.
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Are they slimy? I would eat them unless they were slimy.
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Another giant scared food baby here and I read the question twice to see if there was some "gotcha." I would absolutely eat these if they look and smell normal.
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If you don't eat them send half to SaltySalticid and the other half to me. ;)

I think these peaches are perfectly safe, in other words.
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Food safety official answer: no, these are not ok because they have been sitting out above 5 degrees C (under 60 degrees C) for longer than two hours. Also with the added gotcha of being cut and in water, so bacteria swim, and have access to the fruit insides. I would not serve these peaches to anyone very old, very young, or immunocompromised.

However, would I eat these peaches? Most likely yes.

I would use them sooner rather than later though.
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As above, if they smell okay I'd taste one, and if it tastes okay, I would proceed as planned.

Sidenote: This post should have a Prufrock tag.
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The only reason I wouldn't eat them as is is because the flavor might have leached into the water, making them less tasty. Also, bacteria on the outside of the fruit, even if washed, would have thrived in the damp environment - this in itself wouldn't make you sick, but I have a personal ickiness as a germophobe towards stuff like that.

Stew or roast them. Eat with Greek yogurt and honey, vanilla ice cream, or use as pie or tart filling. That is, if you don't want to eat them as is.
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