1960s/70s Japanese gangster film soundtrack mixes and podcasts
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Not sure how I originally got to this mix, but I've been listening to this collection of Japanese gangster film music on repeat a fair bit lately, whistling while I work. I'm wondering if others know of other similar mixes (curated/mixed/'casted/etc.) in the same 1960s-70s spy/gangster/chill vein. Looking for something I can hit the play button on and just jam to the DJ's vibe for a good hour or so. Bonus points if said mix refers back to source movies.
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See previously: 45 minutes of funky old Japanese soundtracks to chill out to. Some other similar recommendations & links in the comments.
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I think you’re looking for “lo-fi” and trip-hop mixes as keywords. DJs like Peanut Butter Wolf. It is a very San Francisco sound, so look especially for West Coast DJs, but I think also Japan.

I looked at the soundcloud account of the mix poster, The Vinyl Exam, and they have a collection of mixes as Mixtape Wednesdays that might have more in that vein.

Otherwise, I suggest looking for mixes by using the keywords. My other new trick with soundcloud is to look who people follow and see if I like their music.
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OK, maybe that Peanut Butter Wolf mix is too house for you, but he has done trip-hop stuff. I think trip hop and vintage 70s mix as partial keywords. This has been a fun search, finding things like vintage reggae mixes.
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Radio station Secret Agent on somafm.com might be a good lead.
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