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I'm making a kind of scavenger hunt game (a bit like an alternative reality game, but for people I know), and I'd like a feature where someone has to call a phone number and enter a 4 (or so) digit code to hear a recorded message. I'd like to have this number be able to serve a few messages for a few different codes. I'd also like this to be a UK number if possible. I'm not sure how to Google for this; is anyone aware of a service like what I've described?
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Best answer: Twilio may be able to do what you describe. I’ve set up similar interactions using their developer API, and I’m under the impression they have some canned interactions and quick tutorials to make this easy. Their voice guide would be a place to start.
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Best answer: A system that plays different recordings or performs actions based on user input via a phone keypad is called an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. A system like that which is hosted in the cloud (rather than in an office or datacenter) is generally called a cloud IVR.

Twilio does offer an IVR service that might be a good fit for this. Googling "UK VOIP IVR" or "UK cloud IVR" also seems to bring up relevant listings.
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