Yet another "find that book"...
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I was a fantasy duology or trilogy...(details inside)

There was an orphan boy (possibly a thief?) taken by a noble house to be the companion (substitute sacrifice?) to a (male) person who was to be sort of the sacrificial king or at least sacrifice later, there was a hunt involved. Someone was taken or killed by the god during the hunt, it was a regular ritual. There was a few strong women in there, something about trying to thwart the death of the sacrifice or something ....this seems like a really common trope and so I'm getting hits that are similar but aren't it. Also, it seems to me the author also wrote a sci-fi fantasy trilogy that I may have been unable to get from the library so I tried this one out instead. It is not Anne Leckie's The Raven Tower I don't think.
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This made me think of Robin Hobb's Assassin's Apprentice but maybe not? The blurb doesn't sound very similar but my memory of the book does.
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The Legend of Eli Monpress?
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Best answer: Maybe Michelle West’s Hunter’s Oath?
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Response by poster: Yes Michelle West, I read Chronicles of Elantra and thought I'd look at her other books too, thanks!
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