Is there a website that lists all upcoming DC protests and rallies?
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It's pretty simple: is there a website or resource where I can look up what rallies and/or protests are scheduled to take place in Washington, DC on a given date?

We are planning a family trip to DC, and I'd like to be able to check ahead of time so we know what to expect, or where to avoid.
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Best answer: Permits are issued by a number of different agencies (e.g. Metropolitan Police Dept., National Park Service), and filed ones aren't publicly posted. Local news Twitter outlets like DCist and WTOP are often useful for keeping tabs on large ones that are coming up.

I've lived and worked in DC since the mid-90s, though, and been in the area since I was a kid, and with the exception of a tiny handful of historically huge or chaotic ones (e.g. the Women's March or the protests following Trump's inauguration), they don't have much impact on activity in touristy parts of town beyond temporary road closures. This includes large, recurring ones like the annual anti-abortion "March for Life" rally.

Get out into neighborhood DC - which I highly recommend - and they have no impact at all, except possibly an uptick in Airbnb rentals.
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