Marital checkins
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Recently myself and my wife started doing "marital checkins", once a week for about 20 minutes, kind of like 1-on-1s. This is based on Gottman's institute work. It's been great because this time is set aside strictly for each other. We've been doing it for a little while and I'm looking for other activities we can include.

What I like about the activities that Gottman Institute provides:
  • they are guided but somewhat open ended
  • some of the questions/prompts is something that I've never thought about and we haven't discussed before. We end up discovering things about each other.
  • the discussion topics require thinking and honest engagement.
I'm looking to add other similar tools that we can use weekly to connect. It doesn't need to be overly serious (or serious at all).
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Best answer: It's been a while since I've listened to the episode, I should re-listen, and if I remember right they borrow liberally from the Gottmans, but the Multiamory episode on Relationship R.A.D.A.R. might have useful bits.
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Best answer: Intimacy deck: 150 prompts to deeper conversations and understanding of your other half

Also see their "relationship deck".
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Best answer: an oldie-but-goodie is the Ungame.
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Best answer: Esther Perel now has a card game! Currently sold out but looks like it's restocking this month.
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Best answer: the Gottman Card Decks app has been surprisingly useful in a similar (and rather new) experiment. Android and iphone versions are identical and ordered the same, in case that's useful.
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