What is this kitchen tool?
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What is this kitchen tool that was passed on to me from my deceased grandparents’ kitchen?!

It’s metal, has a strong spring, and the handles are the opposite of ergonomic. I’ve used it to crack crab legs and to smoosh gnocchi, but it was clearly not designed for either.

My grandmother grew up on a dairy farm during the Great Depression and knew how to make EVERYTHING, my grandfather was a pretty skilled baker, and they traveled a lot, if any of that is a clue.
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Looks like a tool for crimping pasty/pasta. Would be handier than using a fork, although I imagine you wouldn't want it for a very wet dough.
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Response by poster: Just to add, the strong spring pushes it OPEN. Thanks all!
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I wonder if it is for crimping hand pies and filled dumplings? The thing that makes me doubt that is how it’s double sided.
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It looks like it would easily cut boiled eggs in a chef salad.
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Best answer: It looks like a lemon/lime squeezer. It would have had a little tray at some point, that may have got lost along the way.
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It looks to powerful for pastry. Maybe a fabric crimper of some sort?
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I’m probably wrong based on the other answers, but my immediate response was that it was a jar-opener (spring grip for torque, ridges to grab onto any indents in the lid).
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Best answer: Yes, that's a lemon juicer, as freya_lamb linked to. My grandmother has one with the little strainer tray part to keep seeds out of the juice.
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Best answer: Another pic of a lemon squeezer. It's missing the tray as freya_lamb has mentioned.
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Best answer: Definitely not a jar-opener: you don't want to be working against the force of a spring when squeezing the handles to grip a lid, plus you want those ridges to be pointier so that they have more bite. Also, the jaws would be curving inward instead of straight.

It's either, as already shown, a lemon-squeezer, a lemon-squeezer put to use as a pastry-crimper after the sieve got lost, or a pranker, a mysterious device with no logical use-case that your ancestors hid in a kitchen utensils drawer, a cupboard or the toolchest, to keep their offspring occupied trying to figure out what it would have been used for.
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My vote is for "lemon-squeezer put to use as a pastry-crimper after the sieve got lost" personally.
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Response by poster: Ah, yes, definitely a lemon squeezer missing the tray! But I also give Stoneshop credit for the idea of seeding my kitchen with mysterious objects to prank my descendants from beyond the grave.
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