Well, aren't YOU crabby tonight...
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Hmm... ruh-roh. I've just developed a craving. Where can I get really good crab in the San Francisco Bay Area?

I live south of the City, so if there's some phenomenal seafood restaurant that serves heaping piles of Alaskan King Crab here in the Valley, great—but I'll be more than happy to hop Caltrain for this.

Don't ask me what started it. I was reading Jared Diamond's new book (which by the way, is very good) and all of a sudden, my mouth begins watering for a big wad of crab meat doused in melted butter. Yum.

Help me get my fix!
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Thanh Long, 4101 Judah St. (at 46th Avenue), San Francisco; (415) 665-1146

Delicious crab, but a bit fancier than just grabbing a picnic table at a crab shack. Round out the night with a stroll on the beach, just a couple of blocks away.
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second thanh long
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Been to the place on Judah. The same people have a place on California and Polk.
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Why eat Alaskan King Crab when the best crab in the world is right here? Dungeness is where it's at. John's Grill on Eddy is a good place for traditional crab fixins. Crab Louie, crab supreme, etc.
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Why eat Alaskan King Crab when the best crab in the world is right here?

This was my thought, as well. Many local markets have fresh Dungeness at reasonable prices. Get a few good sized crabs, a nice seeded baguette and some wine and you're all set!

I've been known to stand at my kitchen counter for hours picking fresh crab and then making crab cakes, sautee's, etc. Yum!
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Though I third the dungeness sentiment, you should be happy to know that Maryland crab season just reopened over on this end to the corn field.
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Excellent Asian restaurants specializing in Dungeness crab:

R&G Lounge - SF; Salt & pepper crab
PPQ - SF; Roast crab & garlic noodles
Seafood Harbor - Millbrae
Fook Yuen - Millbrae

Also Thanh Long as mentioned above (oft disputed with PPQ as to which has better roast crab).
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I've never particularly liked Dungeness, but maybe that's because I spent too much time smashing Maryland crabs with mallets here for what seemed like very little payoff.

That being said, since so many people recommend it, I'll try the Dungeness out here. :)

Thanks for the tips. I'll report back.
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