Good calendar for a MacBook?
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The Apple calendar is hideous. What's a better one I could have on my MacBook?

My problems with the Apple one are mostly visual. The month view doesn't let me scroll in a box to see everything that's there, but the week and day views are so very ugly -- especially if I have a combination of multi-day events and one-day events. What are other people using? This is for personal and household stuff, so I don't need more than a few appointments a day. I have a shared Google calendar I need to have show up on there, and it needs to synch with a calendar on my iPhone.
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I just use Google calendar - it works fine on both my macbook and my iphone.
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Best answer: Fantastical
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Best answer: Second vote for fantastical. I use it with iCal and Google Cal and I find it far better than the standard Apple ones on phone and mac.
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Best answer: Thirding Fantastical. I actually haven't tried it with Google Calendar, but it works great with Apple's calendar.
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Response by poster: Fantastical looks much better. Thanks!
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Best answer: The most beautiful calendar I’ve used is Timepage by Moleskine. It’s really nice looking. I no longer use it because I have to manage a bunch of separate calendar feeds which it doesn’t support as well, but damn is it pretty.
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Current users of Fantastical - do you share the concerns / criticisms expressed in the App Store about the software? I only see one-star reviews listed. What’s going on? These reviews are a year old. Have things improved in the interim?
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You only see 1 star? It shows as 4.5 for me, and if I sort by one star reviews it is mainly people complaining about the change to the billing process/style. I think it is worth the money without question, but the free version was fine for a while.
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