Food grade CO2 exchange near Cambridge/Somerville MA
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I’ve been exchanging my 5lb CO2 canisters at Homebrew Emporium in Cambridge, but I’m feeling really worn down by their aggressively rude customer service. Where else in the greater Boston area will exchange CO2 tanks with food grade gas (e.g., not Dick’s or other places that are mainly selling for paintball)? Many thanks for any leads!
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Best answer: I can't speak specifically to Cambridge MA, but I just go to my local welding gas supply store. In my town they're also who every food establishment in the area uses to keep their soft-drink dispensers charged, and are well used to dealing with the homebrewing and home soda carbonation crowd.

Google suggests Airgas and WESCO, but if you're close enough to Everett the Middlesex Gases & Technologies reviews suggest that a lot of homebrewers use them.

(And I've used the Airgas near me for liquid nitrogen for making ice cream. Every time I've gone into a such place with a cooler full of Thermos™es and said "will you fill these?" they usually give me a quick "you've glanced at the MSDS, right?" look, and then happy do so...)
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Seconding welding gas supply. I've always gotten my CO2 at our local Praxair rather than at a homebrew store.
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Response by poster: Thanks, both!! Middlesex gasses is easy and convenient and will be my new go to!!
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