Seeking strength training workout videos that are actually fun?
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I'm interested in getting into strength training but I know if I'm not able to make it fun I won't stick with it. For cardio it's easy- dancing around to music (Zumba, etc) is pretty enjoyable. Is there anything equivalent for strength?

I have dumbbells and a barbell but no weight bench. I hurt my back using a kettlebell at one point and would prefer to avoid them. Or I could do bodyweight exercises. I enjoy working out to music and like a bit of jokey, motivational instruction (the former is more important than the latter). My goal is to beat menopause muscle loss, improve my metabolism, lose weight, tone up and just basically get stronger. I would prefer to lift fewer repetitions of heavier weights and want a quicker workout - say 20 minutes or so rather than an hour. Thank you for any advice you can give me.
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Best answer: The strength classes through the Peloton app hit every one of your wants. It’s $12.99/month. They have great, fun instructors and you can sort by length, difficulty, body part, music, etc. There’s also a good FB group whose organizer plans a monthly calendar of Peloton classes that all fit together and she’s really good at it.
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And if you’re in the Apple ecosystem - like, really in it, Watch and all - Fitness+ is pretty great. The instructors are quite positive and motivational. Strength, core, HIIT are in the mix and sessions range from 5-20 minutes, generally.
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Check out Fitness Blender. They have a lot of different workouts and I keep going back to them, which is saying something. Can’t link, sorry.
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Best answer: Seconding Peloton. If you know someone who has an account, you can get a 60 day free trial to see if you like it (message me if you don't know anyone, and I'd be happy to send you one). I was really surprised at how much fun I find the classes. There is also (if this is important to you, as it is to me), no discussion of dieting, of having to exercise in order to earn eating food, of better or worse body sizes and shapes, etc. And the instructors usually offer modifications for both easier and harder versions of the moves, so you can go at your own pace and get the benefits you're seeking.
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Best answer: Forgot a few other things that I like about Peloton: they offer discounts to healthcare workers, teachers, and other frontline employees who have worked during the pandemic, if that applies to you. And they have a wide variety of different kinds of classes you can try out, including the usual freeweights and body-weight strength, but also yoga, pilates, barre, stretching, guided outdoor walks and runs, dance cardio that feels a lot like Zumba, etc. Finally, I really like that the classes come in a variety of lengths. You can do a 60 minute full-body strength class, or 5-10 minutes that focus on one specific body part, with most of the classes coming in at 15-30 minutes. So you can do whatever you have time for.

(I realize I sound like I've joined a cult, which maybe I have. I'm honestly shocked at how good it's been for me. According to my stats, I've done more than 250 strength classes--an average of about 1 class per day--in the 10 months since I got it. I also have the bike, which I adore, but you don't need the bike to take advantage of the other content.)
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I love Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred video. It's seriously tough. It combines cardio and weights. It includes resistance exercises. They're 20 mins each. The video includes 3 levels; the idea is to do 1 level each week, but honestly, once you're proficient at them, I see no reason why you couldn't mix and match as needed.

You only need a pair of dumbbells and a comfortable surface on which to do situps and similar exercises.
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On YouTube: Caroline Girvan, Sydney Cummings, Penny Barnshaw.

Out of those three, Sydney has the most motivational talks. The other two are mostly no talking, with good music playing, though Caroline gives some pointers at the beginning of the video and has more details written in the description. Her EPIC series should keep you occupied for a while!
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Response by poster: Thank you, I've now got a 60 day free trial on the peleton app and it looks to be exactly what I was looking for plus as a bonus they seem to have made yoga and walking more fun too. I think I'm going to be very happy with this.
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The yoga beginner program (under "programs") is really good. My partner recently took an interest in yoga so even though I'm not exactly a beginner, I did it with him, and I was super impressed. There's a weight lifting one too so you might check that out.
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