How do YOU make rum punch?
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What is your killer recipe for rum punch? Like they make in the Caribbean/Central America. Except that I am going to make it in suburban Boston and pretend that I am in the Caribbean.
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one gallon rum, lots of powdered crystal light. a little water.

no, really.
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Yeah, I was in Jamaica for spring break, so this might just be what they feed the tourists, but that stuff was about 75 percent rum, with a little fruit punch in it for color/flavor.
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makes about 20 servings:

1.75 liter bottle of Bacardi 151
750 ml bottle of Meyer's Dark Rum
6 oz. can frozen lime juice
6 oz. can frozen orange juice
6 oz. can frozen pineapple juice
1 cup grenadine
12 oz bottle Jamaican ginger beer
Crushed ice to taste

Garnish and serve with orange slices, cherries, and pineapple wedges as desired.

Google for "planter's punch" recipes, if you like, as that is a common name in the islands for the concoction to which I think you are referring.
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Pusser's West Indian Rum Punch:
"Our rum punch is a traditional mixture of 2 ounces Pusser's Rum, equal parts guava, orange and pineapple juices with the juice of 1/2 lime and a touch of grenadine. We finish the drink with nutmeg on top, and a fresh fruit garnish. Pour the lot over the rocks for a gentle, refreshing drink..."
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It was delicious, but we did not use Pusser's rum. The very name "pusser" makes me disinclined to even see if my local package store carries it.
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BTW - "Pusser's Rum–the Original Navy Rum. For more than 300 years, from the earliest days of wooden ships and iron men, sailors of Great Britain's Royal Navy were issued a daily ration–or 'tot' –of rum by the ship's 'Purser' (corrupted by the sailors to Pusser's)." [source].

It's a favorite in the West Indies and among sailors today.
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Tastes vary based on rum choices. I prefer mine with a spiced rum -- I've grown fond of Sailor Jerry, which has a hint of cherry, but I tried Captain Morgan's Silver Spiced Rum and found that to be good as well.

For a little extra oomph, you might consider blackstrap rum -- Cruzan's is excellent. It has a very strong molasses flavor. And for real oomph, add 151 rum. Again, I recommend Cruzan's.

If you want a stronger rum flavor than fruit, cut back on the fruit juices and use a top shelf rum. Barbancourt is excellent.
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A bartender told me this easy way to remember how to make rum punch when I was in Barbados last year:

One of Sour
Two of Sweet
Three of Strong
Four of Weak

Sour is lemon or lime juice. Sweet is sugar. Strong is rum and Weak is water.
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