Adding games to GeForce Now library - but painless?
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I have GeForce Now, basically cloud based gaming. I have most of my games on Steam and on Epic, which can be played through this system. But I have to add them to my GFN library one by one by hand? I need to streamline my game management!

Is there no mass import way to do this? I have the "connections" to those two accounts in my settings and they are active, I play Steam and Epic games through it regularly, but if I want to add everything I have to do it by hand AND I have to work out if I have it on steam or epic! What pro tips am I missing here.

Bonus: I am also using GOG Galaxy to try and get a handle on my stuff and would like to be able to mark games as GeForce launchable games.
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Best answer: I just setup GeForce now the other day to try it out. What I did was open the app (on PC, not sure how the mobile clients look), clicked the hamburger menu in the top left corner and choose "settings," and then linked my Steam account. It sounds like you already did that, but you can resync and see how many Steam games it displays there. Then, go back to the home screen (hamburger menu -> Games) and hit "see more" where it says "My Library." At least for me, that shows me all my GeForce Now-compatible Steam games on one screen.

As best I can tell, this only works for Steam and not Epic though. I believe for Epic you have to add games to your library manually still.
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Best answer: According to NVIDIA, Go to GeForceNow / Settings / and turn on Game Sync with Steam should allow you to see which Steam Games are compatible.

Same ease of use however, is not available through EGS. You pretty much have to add the game one at a time. Same with Ubisoft Connect. It's best to check the list at NVIDIA's GeForceNow website
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Response by poster: Ok thanks, yeah it sounds like it was all manual, and all manual for adding/tagging in Galaxy. Quite dissapointing, not sure how I will know what new games of the 300+ I added become available on Nvidia. Thanks anyhow folks.
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