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A friend of mine introduced me to the Sorting Hat Quiz and I loved it. I would like more online quizzes but have some specific desires.

So with the Sorting Hat quiz:

I loved how interesting and layered the possible results were-- Your first house being your beliefs, the second house being your methods, the possibility of 'burned houses' etc.

I loved that you couldn't tell which answers went with results-- not like the Cosmo quizzes of my youth where you were an A,B, or C and could tell which was which by question 3.

I liked that the questions themselves were thought provoking and that the answers didn't lead the witness and had many realistic and possible options.

So more with that same feeling would be great. Personality focused is great but not required. I also really enjoyed the NYT (I think?) quiz from a while ago that told you where in the USA you were from based on language choices. More like that would be fun!

Not interested in anything I have to pay for and if I have to supply my e-mail, I'd like to make sure the site is reputable and not spammy.

I am not particularly interested in traditional personality tests or pseudo scientific quizzes although if there is one that people find particularly wonderful, I'd give it a go.

Thanks in advance for helping me take my mind of all things depressing and COVIDy!
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Response by poster: Here's the link for those interested in the Sorting Hat quiz.
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Best answer: My friends and I have had hours of fun with the statistical which fictional character are you quiz.

Once you get the results you can go through all your favourite fictional universes and see your closest matches.
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Best answer: I liked this "answer some questions I'll assign you a niche lgbtq aesthetic" quiz for thought provoking questions and truly odd results. Not sure if it's quite what you're looking for, but it'll be interesting.
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Response by poster: I enjoyed both of these very much. Thank you!
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