Why do I have five Spotify Daily Mixes instead of six?
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For as long as I can remember, I've had six Spotify daily mixes. Now I have five. What happened, and is it possible to get the sixth one back?
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I'm pretty sure this is driven by how much variety in music you listen to. If they can't come up with 6 different-enough mixes, they will give you fewer. The number I have varies from time to time. If your taste is sufficiently broad, it will probably come back at some point.
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Have you looked in your Recently Played list? Sometimes my Daily Mixes migrate there.
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Not sure how you're accessing spotify, but I'm using a desktop app on my Mac, and it only shows 5 until I click 'see all' at the far right of the screen. Is that an option for you?
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Response by poster: Desktop on PC in a browser, and on iPhone in Spotify app, only shows five in both cases. I appreciate everyone's help trying to troubleshoot this very small problem.

brb, listening to a wide variety of music...
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The number of daily mixes I get varies too. Today, I have six. I would expect you to see six again eventually.
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Here on the iPad app I have six Daily Mixes showing on the Home page, fwiw.
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Spotify likes to A/B test changes, so maybe your part of the B group?

I found this other tip on the internet recently. If you search for "picked just for you" you'll find a bunch of activity oriented/mood oriented algorithmic playlists. Pretty neat if you're looking for something specific yet new.
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A few months ago Spotify started hiding my Daily Mix 4 from me on my Android phone app. It was super strange - it would show me 1 through 3 and then 5 and 6. Daily Mix 4 was nowhere to be found. I can't remember whether I was able to see it on the desktop app (which provides a "see all" option for sections like "Made for sigmagalator" which doesn't show up on my phone app), or whether it was gone from there as well.

After a few weeks of that, eventually all 6 Daily Mix playlists appeared again on my phone. I assumed that someone had just broken some interface and eventually the bug was discovered and fixed. So I wish I had a better solution for you, but your sixth playlist will probably come back!
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