Recipes for your favorite Chinese sesame noodles
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I absolutely love cold sesame noodles—the kind you find at many Chinese restaurants in the U.S. I'd love to know your favorite recipes for making them at home. Thanks so much!
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I’ve made and enjoyed these from Smitten Kitchen.
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I've made the ones from the NY Times and they came out well.
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Mine is more or less the same as SK except I use “thick spaghetti”, water chestnuts instead of cukes, and scallions and sesame seeds for the garnish.
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This one from the takeout is a favorite of ours.
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I loved this recipe when I had Food of Sichuan out from the library: Sichuan Sesame Noodles in Strange Flavor Sauce. Some startup cost to making the sweetened aromatic soy sauce, but once I had a batch I could whip out the noodles easily. (I hadn't been able to find this recipe online for months, and I'm excited to make them again. Thank you for your question!)
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The NYTimes one linked above is our go-to and it absolutely rules.
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You might try the recipe from Woks of Life. Great source of traditional and Americanized Chinese food.
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I was coming here to recommend the same recipe that reptile has linked to above, it's really good.
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I use this recipe by June Xie at Delish. So good.
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