I can't remember anything about this album. What is it?
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A little bit jazzy, a bit droney, what is the name of the album/artist I barely remember anything about?

I barely remember anything about the music, the artist or the cover, apart from I liked what I heard and I would like to listen to it fully.

Hive mind, I challenge you. From these scant details, what is the album I'm thinking of?

- It's by a male solo artist.
- It was likely recorded within the past 5/10 years.
- The music is textural, not noodly jazz. In the back of my head, I'm reminded of Stuart Dempster's Overlays From the Cistern Chapel. It may or may not be similar.
- The artist has at least one other album.
- The background of the album cover is white but maybe a pastel yellow.
- The cover imagery is contained within a circular frame.
- There are fields/trees/green in the image.
- The image is painted, not a photograph.
- There might be a person in the image.
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Best answer: Alabaster DePlume's 2020 album, To Cy & Lee: Instrumentals, Vol. 1?
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Response by poster: Wow! Yes. That's it. Thank you.
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00:58! nice!
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Damn, cocoagirl! I literally fell in love with this album this month but still would not have gotten it. Applause.
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