Is there any way to get tech support from Microsoft?
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I've got an annual subscription to Office 365 for Mac. I have a complicated question about Styles. I cannot find any way to get any help from MS -- not a person, not a chat, nothing. Every number I call says 'support has moved online' and gives me a link to a site that is basically all sales and no support. Is there any way to get to a person?

I don't need an explanation for how Styles works. I need help with a specific problem I'm having in which a numbered style can either have the correct style formatting OR can re-start numbering, but not both. This is clearly a bug. I need help with a workaround, so getting to a page that tells me how great and easy styles are is no help.

If you can recommend a paid service that's REALLY REALLY GOOD I'd even take that, as I'm completely stuck.
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Best answer: It's not really what you're hoping for, but I have sometimes found the Microsoft support forums useful. MS staff pop up here and there, although not always really addressing the question that was asked (you know how this goes...), and there are some expert users around too. This old question looks as if it might be relevant to your problem, or maybe this one - but relevant or not, they'll give you an idea of the kind of responses people get and whether it might be worth posting your question there.
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There's got to be some place to post the question on Stack Exchange. A quick search suggests the Stack Overflow and Super User are places to start
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Best answer: Try giving feedback through this tool if it’s a bug. Please give as much information as you can.

Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft on Excel.
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Best answer: Well - Microsoft has paid support offerings - and if you have encountered a bug, I believe they will still re-imburse the fee. (I used to work in their Premier Support division - but it is coming on... 12-years since then)
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Log in to Office 365 on the web. In the Upper right corner is a ? button. Search for “support” and it will ask you if you want to contact Microsoft support. From there you can submit a ticket to have them contact you.
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