ASCII video plug-in?
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I’m making a video and would love for a few shots to have ASCII animation. Is there a plug-in for iMovie that would allow me to convert some of the shots to ASCII?
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I don't know anything about iMovie, but this github project has a lot of details and some convincing looking examples.
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If there is, it would be something that makes use of aalib. Plugins which enable use of this library in vlc and mplayer have been around for a while now.

Maybe you could do the conversion in VLC for MacOS and then import the resulting file into iMovie?
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Does iMovie still allow "Export to Image Sequence" when you save a project? If so, this may work:

1) Export the sequence from iMovie
2) Load those images into M(a)c GIMP using "File > Open as Layers"
3) Go to Filters and open G'MIC to use its really cool Ascii Art filter, which has a lot of really neat options, like which characters you want to use for rendering, whether you want a transparent background, B&W only, etc.
4) Set "Input Layers" in G'MIC to "All" and "Output Mode" to "New Image"
5) Export the image from McGIMP as an Animated GIF
6) Import the animated .gif into iMovie
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