What caused the March 31 spike in MySpace video traffic?
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Anyone know what happened on MySpace on March 31 to cause this big jump in MySpace video traffic?

I agree with this blogger- they must have posted something or changed the way they promote video content from within the site. But what?
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They sent out an e-mail promotion that started like this:

"Hey MySpacers!

Have you been having fun with our new Film and Video sections?

I've been searching up funny stuff to send to my friends, like this hamster eating a cookie :)

posted by samsara at 1:59 PM on April 7, 2006

I believe I got that email also.
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Hm, I got my email on Apr 6, 2006 11:45 PM.
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My friend forwarded me a video of "MySpace - The Movie" on March 29th.......
The video is on YouTube......but maybe related somehow?
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I'm not sure of the date, but they added a "view my videos" link next to the "view my pics" link onto profile pages recently... even if you don't have any video there.
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Bingo. I got that email (referenced in samsara's comment) on 4/3/06.
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MySpace the movie got a bucketload of views in its first week or so on the internet. From memory, there was a newspaper article in a LA newspaper around the end of march ( i think) about the director and him being discovered by MTV. Maybe that is cause?
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