Looking for a song that samples "Love Cats".
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Looking for a song that samples "Love Cats".

One of my spin instructors played a great song the other week that samples The Cure's "Love Cats" (not the lyrics, just the tune). I asked her a couple of days ago what the song was, and she can't remember (she has a ton of mixes). I've searched the web with no luck, although I did find a pretty neat cover by Tricky.

Any ideas? It was a female lead singer. I have trouble classifying songs by genre, but I would guess hip hop.
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Cambridge, MA's own Mighty Casey samples the song in "Liquorland Part 2."
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Oh Jesus Christ-- just bothered to see the second paragraph. Mighty Casey's a man. Sorry! (but the song's totally worth looking up).
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"Crabbuckit" by K-OS has the exact same bassline as "Love Cats". Not a sample, but it's startling how similar the two beats sound.
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The Kleptones used "Love Cats" in a mashup track that appeared on their new 24 Hours release.

PS> That mix is too good for words anyway.
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Oops, missed the note about the female lead singer. Disregard my suggestion, in that case. (Though it's still a fun song and worth a listen.)
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Whenever I hear the beginning of that k-os track about buckets, I rejoice because I think Love Cats is being on the radio, but then am inevitably disappointed.
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Are you sure it was Love Cats? Don't hit me, I'm sure you know your Cure songs. The reason I ask, though, is that there was a "riddim" based on "Close To Me" that, for whatever kooky post-globalist reasons, swept through the pop reggae world a few years ago.

Cecile's "Rude Bwoy Thug Life" and Tanya Stephens' "Need You Tonight" both feature female singers. (And the Cecile track is my favorite of the bunch.)

Search here or here for "Cure" and find loads more. Sturgeon's Law applies, however.
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Response by poster: Thanks Ian. I'm pretty sure it was "Love Cats", unless I'm misremembering. I think I've heard the riddim you're talking about.

You should listen to the Tricky cover if you get a chance. There's a sample on Amazon.
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